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Lesson Plan Toolbox is here to help you through your days of teaching. We will provide you with resources, motivations, blog posts, and a weekly planner to save you time and energy. We will guide you through the process of teaching from the inside out. This is the secret sauce to creating the classroom community of your dreams.

What's more, our Teacher Networking Community is a safe, nonjudgmental space where educators can share experiences, challenges, and triumphs all while improving their craft of teaching!

Let's create a teacher life that's 100% you. 

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Here's the Secret Sauce to a Vibrant Classroom Community!

The Infinite Possibility Kids (IPpie Kids) are the perfect resource to start conversations about students' thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

*IPPIE Kids are a product of Mike Dooley and Rebecca Psigoda's I Believe In Me program.*


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Inside Out Teaching

Most teachers teach to the 5 senses, but here at Lesson Plan Toolbox, we are going to teach how to move beyond the 5 senses. Not only will this style of teaching make you stand out with your administration, but you are also going to have a rock solid classroom community of thinkers and dreamers.




Not only will you connect with teacher friends in this community, but once a month we will host the LP Toolbox Mastermind call via Zoom. We will focus on the whole person and how you are adapting to the demands of this profession. Plus, we will support you as you move through teaching from the inside out.


Primary teacher support is our number one priority. Lesson Plan Toolbox will help alleviate teacher stress so you can enjoy your free time! We are here to serve you! Send us questions about what you need and we will do our best to provide the tools for your Lesson Plan Toolbox!

Best of all, each month you can earn 5 professional development hours easier than you can possibly imagine.

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