About Us...

Have you ever had that feeling inside where you knew that you were meant to do something more? Well, I did! Just as much as I knew I was made to teach, I know that I am made to help other teachers. This is why I decided to create the Lesson Plan Toolbox Community.


I have a Master's Degree in Educational Technology. I also carry a K-12 reading endorsement. In 2013, I was granted Master Teacher designation. I spent sixteen years in the primary world, two years as the technology coordinator, and three years as an assistant principal.

Family's First

School can get crazy, but one of the most important things I've learned over the years is family comes first. Those two people in the middle have instilled the value of family in me. I try to do my best to carry this over into the classroom community.


Our motto is to  Teach~Relax~Repeat!   We want you to be the best teacher you can be, but also have time to relax. The goal is to build your Lesson Plan Toolbox so you can enjoy those little moments in life that go so fast!