Building Your Online Toolbox: Part 2

I can't even begin to tell you how many ideas I came across this week for teachers preparing for online learning! We are beginning to wind down these summer days, so it's time to start building your back-to-school lesson plan toolbox, even if it is virtually. I hope you find this useful and can use some of these ideas with your classes.


The first idea I would like to share comes from @thesassyapple. They created a choice board of 18 different distance learning classroom reward ideas. There is everything from a virtual lunch with the teacher to choosing a GoNoodle song. I will link the post here so you can go check the website:

The next idea is actually a tech tip from @sunshineandchalk that might come in handy. The suggestion is that if you are sharing a YouTube video for read alouds with your students, then use

This will allow videos to play with no ads or comments which reduces unwanted content. In my experience of using YouTube lately, there are so many ads that I feel like this will be a game-changer! Here is her link:

Finally, this week @lindsayperro_tpt has found a resource for a virtual whiteboard. GeoGebra has three blank whiteboards that you can use for any class activity! There's even a graph and grid whiteboard for the math teachers to use. Again, this seems like it will really come in handy as we prepare for our virtual learning. Here is the link from @lindsayperro_tpt:

I will of course be on the lookout for more items and ideas to share with you next weekend. As much as this is an uncertain time for all of us, this is also an exciting time. There are so many new methods to add to our lesson plan toolbox that I like to think the fun has just begun! Remember, it's always so important to Teach, Relax, and Repeat!


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