How To Incorporate Tech Into A Primary Classroom?

#21stcenturylearning Mar 31, 2022

Dear Lesson Plan Toolbox,

Obviously, incorporating technology into classrooms even in the primary years is a major factor in 21st-century education. I am a first grade teacher and my students love when they have “tech time.” I do my best to encourage this love of technology because it’s their world and their future. 

Here’s my challenge (notice I didn’t say problem because you’ve shared that we create those labels): How do I use the technology effectively in the classroom? Right now, I allow them to explore apps and doodle, but I want my students to have a more educational experience when on their devices. Do you have any suggestions?


Please understand that I do believe that exploring and experiencing the technology as they are right now is important, but it just feels like it’s more for entertainment than learning. I hope this makes sense!

Looking forward to your reply,

First Grade Techie


Dear First Grade Techie,

This is such a great question, so thank you so much for asking it! So often we have classrooms with plenty of technology in them, but many teachers are using it for games and entertainment. Is that bad? No, not at all if it is done in moderation. 

We are going to share some of our favorite websites that allow teachers (especially primary teachers) to focus on the curriculum and not just use technology for entertainment.


#1 - - This website is an amazing introduction to the world of 3-d printing. If your school has a 3-d printer, then allow your students to explore simple designs and begin to create one of their own. Even if your school does not have a 3-d printer, then use this site to open up the world of possibilities to your students.

#2 - - If you are a reading teacher, then you 100% need this website in your life! Not only does this site allow you to easily differentiate learning goals, there is a useful phonics component and plenty of assessment tracking tools available. We can’t recommend this Raz-Kids enough!

#3 - National Geographic - If you haven’t explored the National Geographic website yet, then you need to do this soon! Talk about bringing the world into your classroom…now that’s 21st-century learning at its best. You can even become a National Geographic Certified Teacher for free! Such an amazing resource that not many teachers use enough.

#4 - Seesaw - Seesaw is another great resource for targeting individual student needs with already prepped lessons. You can easily record and provide feedback which is great for creating portfolios of student work.

#5 - - If you have ever watched students try to find letters on a keyboard, it can be painful at times. is FREE and is a great tool to use for beginning keyboarding. There are different exercises you can assign and adjust to the student’s learning as needed. If you use this consistently, then you will see a huge improvement in your students' typing skills. 


#6 - Xtramath - The dreaded flashcard practice quickly becomes a “want to do” activity for many students. Students are able to track their progress which is a huge motivator to keep students coming back for more. Best of all, fact practice can be completed at school or at home.

#7 - Reading Buddies - Reading Buddies is the perfect series to engage the youngest of readers. Dott is quite animated and has the help of Dust and other friends to introduce reading concepts in a fun manner. The episodes can be found on the Reading Buddies website or simply by searching YouTube. 

 #8 - Prodigy - This website is great because it will target all the different levels of math abilities within your class and it’s FREE.  Students are learning without even realizing it. This is another site that could be used as a homework assignment or as work for students who may travel during the school year.

#9 - IXL - Although this is a paid program, IXL is a comprehensive website that covers math, reading, and ELA. Teachers can easily track data and assign topics to meet student needs. This is a great supplement to any curriculum.

#10 - Kahn Academy - Kahn Academy is another fabulous website that will provide extra support your students may need. You can once again differentiate for your students and it works really well with Google Classroom. The videos and explanations are short and to the point which is exactly what our 21st-century learners are looking for in a program. 


So there you have it. Those are our Top Ten Technology Websites that will foster both curriculum and technology skills for your students. Decide what your needs are and go from there when choosing where to begin. No matter what you decide you are going to make an improvement in your students’ lives. 

We'd love to hear what resource(s) you explored so be sure to reach out to us on IG or email ([email protected]). 

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