Teacher Feature Sunday: Volume 4

It's Sunday, so it's time for our next edition of Teacher Feature! Here at Lesson Plan Toolbox, we want to provide you with ideas and resources that you can apply to your classroom strategies. This week we found three amazing resources that we hope you find beneficial. We want this to be the beginning of your Sunday Funday!

One task that is so crucial in early childhood, but I feel is often overlooked is handwriting. If you're anything like me, then handwriting class consists of the teacher modeling the letter of the day and students practicing. Well, in our search of tools for your lesson plan toolbox, I came across a fabulous game-changing product from @modernteaching. This company has created Trace & Write Letter Stones to allow our learners to explore letter formation. As much as we focus on handwriting in the primary grades, I think this product could be used for all ages. It could easily be used as a learning center which I love. Here is the link so you can read about @modernteacher: https://www.teaching.com.au/?utm_source=Instagram&utm_campaign=Profile

Our next Teacher Feature is Alissa from @elementarywithmissb. Alissa has created such a simple yet so effective "Call On" chart to help monitor student engagement online. If you are teaching virtually, then you know how hard it can be to keep track of who has answered or commented, and now with this resource you can simply use a dry erase marker to keep track who participated or had a private chat with you during the class period. I also love that Alissa uses this chart to help build relationships with her students because that has to be one of the trickiest pieces to the puzzle of online teaching. She has plenty more ideas you can check out using this link: https://linktr.ee/missbennett

Our final Teacher Feature for this week is Hillary Midgley from @teachlikemidgley. Hillary offers so many helpful study skills resources that if you are not following her you need to jump on IG and give her a follow. Hillary is working to help teachers incorporate study skills into their classes throughout the day. So often as educators we take for granted that students know how to study, when in fact a student can get to fifth or sixth grade and is still trying to figure out how to prepare for tests and quizzes. These resources will not only be an eye-opener for you as an educator but truly beneficial for your students. Here's the link for @teachlikemidgley: https://tap.bio/@TeachLikeMidgley

We hope these resources help you to build your Lesson Plan Toolbox. Thank you so much to all of the amazing educators that work so hard day in and day out to be the best teachers they can be. You are truly appreciated by so many of your peers. If you are looking for a particular resource, then please let us know on Instagram (@lessonplantoolbox) so we can do the searching for you. Cheers to a happy Sunday!


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