Teacher Feature Sunday: Volume 5 (#techtips)

Oh, the Googling I've done these past few weeks of being back in school. We are all using so much technology and there is so much to learn for all of the different platforms. I am going to share three exceptionally useful technology tips that I have found since being back in school. I hope you find this useful and pass this along to as many teachers as it can help!

This first Teacher Feature tech tip comes from Mrs. Cornielle (@teach_empowered). This Chromebook hack she shared was literally a game-changer for my school during virtual testing. If your students have a Chromebook, then they can click "Alt"+"["+"]" which allows them to split screens into two tabs without the use of any extensions. Mrs. Cornielle, trust me when I tell you that this has helped teachers across America, in fact probably the world, during our virtual learning. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Here's the link so you can see all the super fab ideas from @teach_empowered:


Next up is an idea from Holly at @reasearchandplay. I don't know about you, but some of my frustration with teaching virtually has been trying to model different tasks for my students. Holly had the genius idea of putting her laptop on a small riser and simply tilting the screen. How about that? Absolutely no extra fuss or technology needed to create this document camera. When you're in a pinch this is an A++++ idea. You can find Holly at this link:


Last but certainly not least our find comes from Andrea at @love.learning. If you are a teacher or a parent of primary students, then you know how long it can take your little learner to type one-single-word. Well, Andrea has a solution to that problem. You simply hit the "FN" button twice to enable "speech to text." Now is this another genius idea or what? Better yet, this will work on Chromebooks too. Here is the link so you can give @love.learning a follow for more amazing teacher hacks:  https://www.instagram.com/love.learning/

We here at Lesson Plan Toolbox hope you find this helpful, useful, and resourceful. Our goal is to help you build your Lesson Plan Toolbox to make your life just a little easier. Now more than ever we need to spread the word about all of the teacher hacks that are out there. If there is something, in particular, you are looking for, please gives us a follow (@lessonplantoolbox) and send us a DM so we can do the searching for you. Cheers to a happy school year!


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