Teachers, Guns, Schools...This is Education?

#schoolsafety Jun 24, 2022

As I am typing this blog post this week, I going to do a bit of a pivot from the classroom management idea I had scheduled. Why? Well, because this week in Ohio the governor just made it easier for teachers to carry guns. Yes, you read that right and I did link the article so you can read more about it.

If you have been following along these past few weeks, I have been creating a framework of reflection for these blog posts to help get teachers thinking. When I heard this news this week, I knew that we needed to address this topic.


Teachers, guns, schools…


Here’s what is great about our country: everyone is entitled to their own opinions and has freedoms. It is important to remember that with our freedoms we also have responsibilities. It is our responsibility as a nation to keep our teachers, students, and staff safe in school at EVERY level of education, but how much more are we going to ask of teachers?


Yes, there are obviously pros and cons to each side of this coin. We would love to hear your thoughts even and especially if they are different from the thoughts you are about to read. Let’s have a discussion about this in a professional manner while being respectful of each person’s opinion.

Below are the thoughts and feelings that came up for me. A little background you may need to know is that I just finished my nineteenth year in education and I live in Ohio.

When an individual decides to step into the arena of education, he/she usually does so because they want to share their knowledge and help others to thrive. Their heart and soul go into shaping the lives that are placed before them year after year. Many educators will tell you that they have known since they were young children that they wanted to teach.

This passion and fire for the love of the job come out in so many teachers that with all of the craziness that happens in our country and our world, we just keep teaching. But now we are talking about having guns in school. So now we have to consider is my passion for teaching stronger than worrying about having guns in my school and being a target for not doing enough. Is this truly now a factor to consider when becoming a teacher?

Oh yes, I know that teachers will have to go through training similar to police officers, but is this the solution to the school shooting problem? Is this truly the environment we want our students heading to school in? If you are a parent, how does this make you feel?


Our world is full of so many incredibly intelligent human beings, that I truly feel there is a better answer to this issue. We put a man on the moon, and you’re telling me that our best solution to school shootings is putting more guns in the hands of teachers so this now becomes their responsibility? Nope. I’m not buying it. 

So often on assessments in kindergarten, students have to choose which one doesn’t belong so let’s try that here. Pop quiz time and it’s only one question:

Teachers, Guns, Schools

Which one did you choose? For the love of all things good I sure hope it was the middle answer, guns.


See, in my opinion, our society has turned into one of instant gratification, “The Amazon Prime Era.” Just because you can go online and order just about anything and have it arrive within a day or two, doesn’t mean that all decisions need to be rushed. 

 I am the queen of preaching to teachers about being proactive. I would like to hope and think that our government officials truly have our best interest at heart, but part of me wonders if this decision was made as a move to stand out and gain that 15 minutes of fame. Either way, what’s done is done and now teachers in Ohio have a choice. 


Is this what we want our schools to look like? Or can we challenge our leaders to do more? Can we encourage our leaders to come into the schools to see and feel the youthful innocence beaming from our future? Are we fulfilling our responsibilities to our youth by allowing guns in school? Or did we just finalize the decision for many parents to homeschool their learners? Are we fulfilling our responsibilities to our educators for providing a safe work environment? Or did we just put that burden on them?

What a world we are in living in! I wish I had the answer to solving the problem of school shootings. Unfortunately, the truth is that when an individual wants to cause harm, the individual will figure out a way to do it. 


This is definitely a topic worth exploring and journaling about so you know your thoughts and feelings about it. As you head back to school in the fall, remember that each person is entitled to his/her opinion and we need to respect it. Take your stand. Hold your ground. However, be respectful as you do so. 

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