Administrators and Teachers in grades K-3, you have so much to do, let us serve you!

Our mission at Lesson Plan Toolbox is to save time and energy for primary educators while providing resources and knowledge about being a 21st-century educator.

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Benefits for Teachers:

  • Virtual Teacher Assistant Service: We are here to serve your K-3 teachers! They will send us questions about what resources they need and we will connect them with the tools for their teacher toolbox. This will save them hours of scrolling.
  • Lesson Plan Toolbox Mastermind: Every month our members will be invited to join us on the Lesson Plan Toolbox Mastermind, via Zoom. Here we will chat live as a community and help one another on our teacher journeys. This is a great opportunity for Q&A and professional growth.
  • LP Toolbox Bulletin: All members will receive the LP Toolbox Bulletin EVERY month for a FULL year to keep trendy in what is up and coming in the primary world of education. We will focus on tools fostering the 4 C's of 21st-century learning. This will save your teachers HOURS of searching online.
  • Monthly Toolbox Classroom Coaching Video: Members will receive a coaching video each month that can be watched at their convenience. This is a great tool to focus on classroom management techniques.
  • Monday Motivation: We will do our best to put some pep in your teachers' steps every Monday with our motivation email. Monday morning mindsets can set the tone for the week.
  • BEST OF ALL... Lesson Plan Toolbox Teachers can earn professional development hours if accepted by your local district.


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This is a 21st-century approach to teacher self-care!


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Yearly Toolbox MASTERMIND Membership (Per Teacher)


Easily earn up to 60 professional development hours in one year!


Bonus Included:

21st-Century Virtual Teacher Self-Care PD For ANY Educator (5 hours)

(Self-Care PD Value: $297~Yours for FREE!)

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Yearly Toolbox VIP Membership (Per Teacher)


100 exclusive memberships available. Invoices are available. Coupon Code: GRANT22 (limited availability)


Bonus Included:

21st-Century Virtual Teacher Self-Care PD For ANY Educator (5 hours)

(Self-Care PD Value: $297~ Yours for FREE!)

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Yearly Toolbox VIP Membership (Per Teacher) Quarterly Payments

$125 per quarter

This pricing is available to members that qualify for grant opportunities.


BONUS Included:

21st-Century Virtual Self-Care PD for ANY Educator (5 hours)

(Self-Care PD Value: $297...Yours FREE!)

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Why Serve K-3 Teachers?

~Lesson Plan Toolbox is a virtual teaching assistant for your teachers that is here to help save them time and energy connecting them with the resources to help foster growth as 21st-century educators.

~You want to have strong teachers with innovative ideas in grades K-3 because they are laying the foundation of love for the learning process.  

~Our classroom and administrative experience can offer tremendous support when your K-3 teachers have questions or issues that arise throughout the school year.

~If you have new teachers, then we want to help set them up for a successful career. We will help them understand the 4 C's of 21st-century-learning.

~For your experienced primary educators, we will continue to help build their Lesson Plan Toolboxes. Great teachers are always trying to learn new methods and gain knowledge. We will help your teachers to adapt to a student-centered classroom with a focus on the 4 C's of 21st-century learning.

~Best of all, your teachers will earn professional development hours each month at their convenience.


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Why let another hectic week bring you down? Join our community today and let us provide that EXTRA layer of support for your K-3 teachers. This is the relief you've been looking for.

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