Lesson Plan Toolbox is the support teachers in grades 1-3 need to help relax and save time!

Here's what a membership includes:

+ Teach~Relax~Repeat Resources will be sent directly to teacher inboxes EVERY month for a FULL year. This will focus on the 4 Cs of 21st century learning while also saving teachers HOURS of time searching online!

+ Each teacher (gr.1-3) will receive an invitation to a MONTHLY Teacher Toolbox Refresh Call via Zoom to build a community of support with other primary educators. 

+ Monthly Toolbox Classroom Coaching Video available to watch at the convenience of a busy teacher schedule. 

+ Monday Motivation will be emailed to start the week with a positive mindset.

+ Access to ask questions or seek guidance via email or Instagram Direct Messaging throughout the school year.

+ Coaching will run August-May while receiving resources throughout the summer months.

+ Teachers can earn professional development hours if accepted by your local district.

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Leave the Teacher Stress to us!

Once you become a member of the Lesson Plan Toolbox Community, you will be able to leave the teacher stressing to us! We will find trending resources, answer your questions, and provide teacher hacks to help you succeed!

You are a great teacher and we want to help you feel great! It is scary to think about the number of teachers we may lose due to teacher burnout. You will NOT be one of them! You are going to live your best teacher-life and master this journey.