Pillar #1: How to Support Primary Teachers' Social-Emotional Needs

#avoidteacherstress Oct 13, 2022

Pillar #1: Social-Emotional Support for Teachers!

I know! I know! You’re probably thinking, “If I had a dollar for every time I heard the phrase ‘social-emotional support’ since the pandemic, I would be one RICH teacher!” Trust me, I get it. Hear me out though. 

You see, so much of the social-emotional support educators heard about especially last year was in regards to students. Principals and administrators knew teachers were having just as much difficulty regulating their thoughts and feelings, but admins just weren’t sure what to do. Often you would see things like casual dress days or Friday lunches, but this simply put a Band-Aid on a much BIGGER problem. 

Is it even possible to tackle teachers’ social-emotional needs with budget restrictions and not burden anyone else in the building? Yes, of course, it is because ANYTHING is possible. The tricky part is moving into a new frame of 21st-century thinking which is exactly where Lesson Plan Toolbox comes in:)

What Would Social-Emotional Support for Teachers Look Like?

“Blah! Not another meeting! I can’t do it! I won’t do it!” Are any of those thoughts running through your head right now? Of course, they are! But guess what? Lesson Plan Toolbox has developed a method that won’t require much extra time from you. How? 

It’s really quite simple. Let’s say you had a bad day. Your students’ behaviors were off the wall, you had lesson flop, and a parent just hung up on you. Now that’s a pretty bad day and we’ve all had them. Here’s what is great…you have a virtual teacher assistant in your back pocket helping you to process all of this. You simply email, voice message, or DM me (SURPRISE! I'm your VTA!) what is going on and what you need help with, then let me help you. I use my administrative and teaching experiences to help you create a solution to all the things that might not be working right now. 

Last year especially, I Zoomed with so many teachers about behavior issues and them not knowing what to do next. It is amazing the answers that come from just having a safe place to talk things out with someone who understands what it is like being in the classroom. Our families do a great job of listening, but unless you’re in education it can be quite tricky to offer the support that is needed. Our colleagues are also great resources, but let’s face it so often that turns into feelings of inadequacy which can make things worse.

If I don’t know an answer, then I pop online to my teacher friends and I find the answer for you. Solving teacher problems makes my heart pitter-patter. I love connecting teachers with other teachers and in this day and age it is so easy, yet as educators, we don’t have enough opportunities. 

How in the World are You Able to Help so Many Teachers?

The answer to this is another piece of the 21st-century teaching puzzle. As I help teachers, I record my answers and save the videos. When you are having a crazy day and are at your wit's end, there are plenty of other teachers, both new teachers, and veteran teachers, going through the same thing. Obviously, if a situation is unique to your classroom, then we dive deeper into a plan. For the most part, though, following strategies and classroom check-ins solve a huge chunk of the issues that arise.

So my Virtual Teacher Assistant Becomes my Therapist?

In a sense, yes, that is absolutely how you can look at having a virtual teacher assistant, but it’s much cheaper:) Educators are undervalued and if lending an ear and offering guidance and suggestions is what is needed, then we NEED a system in place for that support. 

Businesses use virtual assistants all of the time to help them in areas where they feel stuck. Why shouldn’t teachers have that same opportunity? Why shouldn’t we show teachers their value by offering a service of support to help them on their toughest days?


I have been the teacher that hit a breaking point and felt so desperate and alone. There was nothing anyone could say or do to help me because I was so trapped. No teacher should EVER have to feel this despair. This point in my career is when I decided that I will do whatever I can to help make the lives of primary educators as smooth as possible. ENTER: Lesson Plan Toolbox.

 What are Admins Waiting For?

If you only knew how many Zooms I hosted speaking with admins and principals about this very topic. Your value as an educator is far more than dress-down days and lunches or snack carts, but these are quick easy fixes. We need to dive deeper into providing support for our teachers because although your admins want to give you more, time in their days is a major roadblock that many are still figuring out. 

Our admins try to be all things to all people getting pulled in hundreds of different directions each day. They often work 12-hour days day after day and are left feeling just as burnt out as the teachers they are serving. The thought of tackling the hurdle of balancing the social-emotional needs of teachers seems nearly impossible even though they know it is a crucial factor in having a strong school.


Why do I know this? Well, while serving as an assistant principal one of my biggest struggles was knowing we needed to do more for our teachers. We needed to address their needs and simply listen to what they had to say. It was this realization that led me to create the “10 Minute Check-In.”

 The “10 Minute Check-In” was exactly as it sounds. Teachers would choose a planning period (they had (6) 40 minutes prep periods each week) and meet with me for 10 minutes maximum. If we needed longer they were welcome to stay or we scheduled a follow-up, but this was an amazing opportunity to touch base about students or behavior issues. If teachers needed resources or lesson ideas, I would make a note of them and send them ideas within 24 hours. This quickly became my favorite part of my admin job and when I fell in love with serving teachers.

Conclusion: Social-Emotional Support is a Must Have in EVERY Educator's Life!

Does teaching get easier as the years pass by? Yes, and you get better each year. However, no matter how many years you teach you realize that no class is perfect and something will come up throughout the school year. Oftentimes, we let our minds take control and think the worst. Having someone in your corner serving as your biggest cheerleader can be the exact boost of confidence that you need.

So, when you need that level of comfort and support on those days that you think you just can’t go on, come find us. We’re going to bring a dose of inspiration, motivation, and straight-up TLC because you not only deserve it, but you NEED it!

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