3 Items You Don't Need to be a Successful Teacher

#21stcenturyteaching Sep 15, 2022

A teacher's success in the classroom does not come from the number of material items they have. In fact, having too many things can actually lead to stress and feelings of imposter syndrome. A teacher's success comes from his/her ability to connect with his/her students and create a safe and supportive learning environment. A successful teacher is one who is able to create a learning environment that is conducive to student success. This environment includes a well-organized classroom, a positive relationship with students, and a clear understanding of the material they are teaching.

Education is quickly becoming one of the least desired professions to pursue career in.  A study by the University of Gothenburg found that 78% of teachers feel stressed by their job, and one-third of those surveyed felt they could not cope with their workload. The study also found that 77% of teachers feel unable to provide their students with adequate resources due to a lack of funding. 

With social media and Amazon Wishlists, as educators, we are constantly comparing ourselves to what others have or are doing. We let our thoughts take over and create feelings that what we’re doing within our four walls is simply not enough. Let’s start changing this mindset. Let’s start believing everything we have to teach and lead effectively is already at our fingertips.


 Let’s just get straight to the point: Teachers love to follow trends which usually ends up costing more money. Here are 3 items that although they are fun and trendy, you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED THEM TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

First up is the Cricut. Ouch, I know this one may hurt a bit. Is a Cricut fun? Yes. Can you make super cute and one-of-the-kind items? Yes. Do you need it? Nope. 

As fun as this handy dandy gadget is, you can easily go to Dollar Tree and purchase cut-out letters for your classroom. Heck, I’ve even printed out free alphabets with designs to have my students color and used those letters throughout the year. They LOVED it. 

 A Cricut is simply adding another thing to your to-do list. Plus, they are a bit of an investment so if you buy one you often have that feeling that you have to use it so it wasn’t a waste of money. Save yourself time and stress and avoid buying into the idea that you must have a Cricut to be a trendy teacher. 

The second item you definitely do need to be a successful teacher is a personal laminator. Again, is it fun? Yes. Is it convenient? Yes. Do you need it? Nope. The world of Teachers Pay Teachers has brought laminating to a whole new level. However, if your school has a laminator, then simply use the one provided. Save yourself the money and again that feeling of having to use it because you bought it. Instead, keep things simple and don’t feel the pressure of having to laminate. Seriously! I got to a point where I didn’t even laminate their nametags anymore and it was amazing an feeling!

Finally, do not feel that you need a doorbell to be a successful teacher. They are trendy. They make cute sounds. They offer a variety to your voice. However, teachers across America have taught for decade after decade without the use of a doorbell. Use some fun transitions such as a call and response to get their attention. It works like a charm and allows students to interact a bit rather than just responding to the pinging of a doorbell.


Less is Often More in the Classroom Setting

In recent years, there has been a growing movement toward minimalism in the classroom. The theory behind this is that less is more when it comes to learning. By reducing distractions and simplifying the learning environment, students can focus more on the task at hand and retain more information.

There are several ways to achieve a minimalist classroom. One way is to reduce the amount of clutter on desks and in the room itself. This means fewer pictures on the walls and fewer knick-knacks around the room. Another way to create a minimalist environment is to use blackboards or whiteboards instead of paper posters and handouts. Not only does this reduce paper waste, but it also cuts down on visual clutter.


So why is minimalism so effective in the classroom? One reason is that it helps students focus by reducing distractions.


When it comes to the classroom, sometimes less is more. Having fewer items in the classroom can lead to less stress for teachers and students. Here’s why:

When there are fewer items in the classroom, there is less of a chance for things to get lost or misplaced. This means that there will be less stress trying to find missing items, and also less stress trying to keep track of everyone’s belongings.

There is also less visual clutter in a room with fewer items. This can help students focus and pay attention since they’re not distracted by a lot of different colors and objects. A calm and serene environment can actually lead to better learning. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that classrooms should be completely empty – but having too many things can certainly lead to more stress than necessary.

The Importance of Creating a Comfortable Classroom Space

There are many factors that contribute to a teacher's success. However, one of the most important factors is the classroom environment. A comfortable classroom can help to create a more positive learning experience for students.

In order to learn and retain information, students need to feel comfortable in their classroom environment. A comfortable classroom is one where students feel safe to take risks, voice their opinions, and be themselves without judgment. When students feel comfortable in their own space, they are more likely to be engaged in the lesson and achieve academic success. 

Creating a comfortable environment in your classroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Something as simple as allowing students to choose their own seats can make a big difference. You can also create a “comfort corner” with pillows and blankets for students who need a break from the stimulation of the classroom. Encouraging students to decorate their desks with personal items can also help them feel more at ease in their space.

Curious about else teachers can create a comfortable learning space for their students? First, they can make sure that the room is well-lit and spacious. Second, they can provide comfortable furniture for their students. Finally, they can create a relaxed and supportive atmosphere in the classroom. 

By creating a comfortable classroom, teachers can help to ensure their own success as well as the success of their students.

Conclusion: A Teacher’s Success Comes From Within

A teacher's success does not come from the outside. It is not based on the number of hours worked, the awards received, or the letters of recommendation written. A teacher's success comes from within. It is based on the ability to motivate students and help them learn. It is based on being able to adapt to different situations and classrooms. It is based on having a positive attitude and a love for teaching. Less is more when it comes to a successful teacher.

In conclusion, a teacher's success comes from within. A teacher must have a strong foundation in order to be successful. A teacher must also have the ability to adapt and change with the times. A teacher must be able to identify the needs of their students and meet those needs. Lastly, a teacher must be passionate about teaching. If a teacher has these qualities, they will be successful.

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