A Teacher’s Time Saving Gift Guide For the People Who Have Everything

teachertimesaver Dec 17, 2021

With all of this in mind, we thought it might be helpful to steer this week’s blog into a last minute holiday shopping guide for friends and family. Half of the battle of shopping is not knowing what to get the people on your list. So let us take that burden off your shoulders and put your mind at ease. So let’s get started…

Special Man in Your Life

Whether it’s your husband, father, brother, or son we highly recommend a heated blanket to keep them warm and cozy this winter. Even the roughest and toughest of men just love sitting under a warm cozy blanket. It can ease muscle pain while relaxing the mind before bed. Literally the perfect gift for that hard to shop for man in your life.

To Women Who Make You Strong

Shopping for all of the amazing and loving women in your life can feel like a daunting task. You want to find just the right gift, but also want it to be practical. As much as we love new clothes, (I mean who doesn’t) they can be tricky to buy for other people. We suggest anything by BAREFOOT DREAMS. It could be a blanket, robe, slippers, anything cozy at all! These are items that they more than likely won’t buy for themselves so why not give them a little taste of luxury.

For the Tween/Teen in Your Life

Trying to keep up with what’s trending in the world of tweens and teenagers is almost as impossible as a snow day in September. For this age group you want to consider something in the world of technology, but perhaps along the lines of an accessory. Our best suggestion that we believe tweens and teens of all ages will love is a ring light. A ring light will allow these young adults to take their Tik Tok/Instagram game to a whole new level. Best of all, there are a variety of price levels and even some of the cheaper ones receive great reviews.

Kids Ages 6-10

This can be the trickiest age group of all to shop for because so often by now we feel that this age group has EVERYTHING! While the children in your life are probably not lacking for toys, we suggest any type of craft or DYI activity. After all, these kids are going to be home for about two weeks so they’ll be looking for some sort of entertainment. We suggest searching Amazon first and checking for availability of delivery, but if that doesn’t work then head to Target. Target usually has a whole aisle full of crafting and DIY activities. While you’re there, why not choose a book to go with it?

Kids Ages 2-5

If these aren’t the best ages to shop for, then I don’t know what would be? These children are still young and innocent and often have the magic of Christmas radiating from their bodies. Best of all, you can often find BIG gifts with small price tags that kiddos will just love. 

Our top suggestion for this age group would be anything with Play Doh and children’s picture books. The Play Doh will help your youngster to practice fine motor skills without even knowing it. I mean just the smell of Play Doh brings back a flood of memories of childhood. And as teachers, how do we not give the gift of picture books to our youngest of readers? Find a book you love and share it with the next generation of readers. Hopefully you’re getting the Christmas shopping “SHOP ‘Til You Drop” vibe right about now.

One and Under Crowd

Have you ever bought the cutest toy for a baby that you thought would keep him/her entertained for hours, only to find out the box it came in was a bigger hit than the actual gift? It happens all the time in this age group. So of course we’re not going to suggest just getting an empty box, but we will suggest getting practical items like diapers, wipes, or bath wash and filling a box with these items. Then, everyone's a WINNER!

Teacher Friends

You’re a teacher so this is probably not going to come as a big surprise, but a gift card is always a great option. It could be Target, Starbucks, or even TPT. Or you might even want to shop local and buy a gift card to your favorite restaurant. What’s great about gift cards is that you can very often choose the amount. So if you only want to spend $10, then go for it. $10 to Dunklin is going to go a long way over another candle or bottle of lotion.


So there you have it. Our last minute holiday shopping guide for everyone on your list. Best of all, you can run to a store and buy these items today rather than worrying over whether it will arrive on time or not. Be sure to let us know if you end up using any of these ideas.


As always, feel free to reach out to us if there’s any other stubborn people on your shopping list. If there’s one thing we love more than teaching, it’s shopping. Don’t forget to read this blog so you are ready to leave on time when that bell rings the last day of school! A teacher’s time is precious, so make the most of it!


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