An Attitude of Gratitude Part 3: Thankfulness for Teachers

#thankfulthoughts Nov 24, 2022

Gratitude. This is the season of the year when many of us focus on being grateful for our family, friends, health, and all that we have. However, it is important to remember to take time each and every day to show gratitude for even the smallest aspect of your day such as a sunset or watching squirrels gather their acorns. It is in these moments, that we can remind ourselves of the spirit of the Earth to which we are made from.

We here at Lesson Plan Toolbox, truly hope you had a Thanksgiving to remember! We are going to keep this vibe of gratitude going focusing on our favorite people ever, TEACHERS! Where would our world be without teachers? We have so much to thank you for and not always the right words to express our gratitude, but we’re going to do our best.


Thank You for Going Above and Beyond For Your Students

Oh, teachers! You. Are. AMAZING! Thank you so much for going above and beyond in the classroom to help your students succeed. The time you put into planning, prepping, and executing your lessons each and every day is immeasurable. They say there is no love like a parent for a child, but I would also say this is true of a teacher and her students. 

You are faced with decision after decision on what will work best for the scholars placed before you and you do it without question. You recognize the needs of your students and do your best to make sure that those needs are being met. WOW!


Thank You for the Money and Funds You Provide to Your Students

There are not many professions that exist where the employee spends money out of his/her own pocket in order to provide the best quality experience possible. However, our teachers do this day in and day out without giving it a second thought.

Your passion for teaching runs so deep that you don’t bat an eye when you see a product that will make the lives of your students easier…you simply make the purchase. Yes, you could have spent that money on a hundred different things, but you chose to spend it on your students. How do we even begin to thank you?

As you go out shopping this holiday season, my guess is that you’ll pick up a minimum of three items for your classroom because you simply LOVE what you do! We thank you and we appreciate you.


Thank You for Listening to the Rants and Parent Emails

Ouch. The sting of the tone on the other end of the phone from a parent who just exploded because he/she only heard one side of the story. This not only hurts but can often make for sleepless nights of you trying to figure out how you could have handled things differently. For this we thank you!

You listen and handle parents and guardians with the utmost respect even though you have a million other thoughts running through your head. You continue to remind yourself that the best interest of the student is what is important and hold your tongue. This is definitely not easy, but you do it time and time again. For this, we thank you!


Thank You for Your Loyalty to Teaching

This is HUGE! We cannot thank you enough for your loyalty to teaching. Where would our world be without teachers? This is by far not an easy profession and yet year after year you show up and do the work because of your passion.

You have a passion that runs through you deep enough to move mountains in this world. Our society does not give you the recognition or salary that you deserve, but you do the work anyway because teaching is in your blood. 

You have even taken on side jobs to help supplement your income and make ends meet which adds stress to your schedule, but again you do this for the love of the job. We cannot wait for the day that teachers control decisions in regard to funding and school policies. Thank you is not nearly enough for your efforts in this area!


Thank You to Your Families

Teachers give so much of themselves day and day out in the classroom that we often forget how much their families give too. Their families sacrifice time on weekends to make Target runs for school or to attend sporting events for students. These moments mean the world to students, but also take away time from teachers being with loved ones.

When you live with a teacher, the students become a part of your extended family. You find yourself sharing stories about events that took place during the school day or morning meeting and our families genuinely listen.  Our families genuinely want to help when they can be of service even if it means sawing pieces of wood down for holiday gifts for students.

Our families want us to be happy and they are willing to sacrifice time with us to make things flow. How incredibly lucky we are to all of our teachers and their families!


Thank You for Your Love

This is probably the biggest element we need to show appreciation for not just right now but throughout the school year. Your love of your students makes such an impact on the people they will become which is HUGE.

They will remember the games, the songs, the books, and the life lessons they experience with you. Your students will know that you are their biggest cheerleader and advocate, but also the person who will push them the hardest to meet their goals. Your students know that you love them as your own, and for that, we can’t thank you enough!


Conclusion: You Rock!

It is our hope here at Lesson Plan Toolbox, that you take time this busy holiday season and allow yourself to feel the joy and appreciation that can so easily be overlooked in this profession. There is plenty of negativity that comes with this job, but challenge yourself to focus on the positive. Challenge yourself to see the positive that you bring to the classroom each and every day.

 Thank you for your service to our youth. Thank you for not just what has been mentioned in this article, but for the endless to-do list, you face each day. We are so grateful for your skills in education and for working to make our world a better place. Thank you!

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