Pillar #2: Engaging Resources for Primary Teachers

Pillar #2 Engaging Resources for Primary Teachers

Have you ever calculated how much time you spend online looking for ideas or what is trending in education? Well, I have, and let me tell you...YIKES! This was a major reason why I felt like I was always working. This is what made me stay up well past my bedtime scrolling online and then not being able to shut my brain off. Finally, at 3:00 am my brain would let me fall asleep only to be awoken to a very loud alarm when it felt like I had just shut my eyes.

Here is what is crazier: I was fifteen years into my teaching career and this was still happening. As an administrator during Covid, I knew our teachers needed help with resources and I didn’t want them to have this same experience of exhaustion. The actual teaching part of the job was tough enough, let alone finding resources. So this is when I decided to take action.

When teachers met with me during their “10 Minute Check-In” time, I would ask them if they needed anything from me. If they were having a hard time finding lessons that would work, I jotted down notes and did the searching for them. Guess what? I LOVED it!

Why is Finding Engaging Resources so Overwhelming?

As much as we love technology and all of the benefits it brings about, technology is often the cause of unwanted and unwelcome stress. We are so used to scrolling on our phones and keeping our minds busy that we don’t realize how much time we are taking away from other items on our “to-do” list. 


The internet doesn’t go away. All of the social media platforms are created to keep you there. They want you to keep swiping and liking. The platforms are so smart, that they can track what your interests are and just keep you plugged in a bit longer. Before you know it, two hours have gone by and you are no further ahead than when you started.

Beyond that, you also consciously or subconsciously begin to compare yourself to other educators you see online. It may be their classroom decor, a lesson that they taught, or the latest gadget they are using in their classroom. Next thing you know, you are now searching Teachers Pay Teachers to find that lesson or Amazon to find that gadget. A few bucks here and a few bucks there, but at the end of the month it really adds up!

So How Do You Avoid This? The Internet is Our World.

Yes, the internet is in fact a huge part of our world as 21st-century educators; however, that does not mean that it needs to take over our lives. We need to practice discipline and self-control. Just as you hear teachers saying to set boundaries for leaving school on time, you can also set boundaries for using your phone. 

Obviously many teachers use their phones as their alarm clocks. Guess what? You can use an actual alarm clock and leave your phone down on its charger in the family room. You will still wake up on time and might even have a more restful sleep because you’re not thinking about your phone.

Even if you choose to keep using your phone as your alarm clock, you can still set hard boundaries for when you are putting your phone down for the night. That means no looking up lesson plans, no emailing parents, no shopping online, and no social media. You can now use this time to be present with your family, find a tv show to watch, or walk the dog before bedtime. Everything you will see or buy online can still be dealt with tomorrow.

This whole idea of more time sounds like it is just what I need! How in the world do I find my lesson ideas though? After dinner or before bed is usually when I start my scrolling.

Enter your virtual teacher assistant: me!


You don’t need to do that anymore. We are going to do this for you! Yep, you read that right. Once a month, we are going to send you what is trending in elementary education as far as lessons, tips and tricks, and of course technology. (Our A~M~A~Z~I~N~G teachers on our email list will be getting early access to this, so if you want to hop on that list, then grab this time management freebie while you’re at it!)

This is another area that is coming off your plate. You have so many things to think about, plan, organize, file, create, complete, document, etc. The list can go on and on and on. As part of my virtual teacher assistant service, I find quality engaging lessons for primary teachers that you and your students will love.

My goal is to save you hours of scrolling and searching. You have better things to do with your time. As if this isn’t magical enough, I can even take this a step further so you can really utilize my services as your virtual teacher assistant. Keep reading…

Primary teachers who join the Lesson Plan Toolbox Community can message me to tell me what they are looking for in a lesson idea and I will find a resource, idea, or strategy for them. Everything you need and want is already created, it is simply finding the time to track it down. This was the original premise behind Lesson Plan Toolbox because I recognized how long it was taking me to find the resources that weren’t just “fluff.”

Primary teachers (well, all teachers) need to start having items removed from their plates. Utilizing a virtual teacher assistant only seems to make sense to help make your life easier. If teachers are experiencing burnout, overwhelm, and stress levels beyond belief, then let’s create a new function in education that can alleviate all of this AND give teachers back more time! 

This Sounds too Good to be True. Is it?

Nope, not at all. It only seems that way because this has never been offered to teachers before. Yes, there are teachers who have memberships where they give you resources, but it is often only resources that they made not specifically what you need or want.

Again, people in the business world utilize virtual assistants ALL of the TIME, and this is a service that needs to be offered to our teachers. We may have to start small before the rest of the education system can see how to turn things around, but this is truly quite logical. You as an educator, utilize my services as your virtual teacher assistant and ease the burnout that so often comes with this profession.

I’m Ready! This is exactly what I need to get me through my school year. Can I join Now?

Yes, doors for our membership are open from now through October 31. Once you join you will receive a welcome video with action steps to set you up for success. Keep reading though for your special opportunity...


And because you are a dedicated Lesson Plan Toolbox blog reader or listener, you can message me on Instagram telling me that you’re interested and I will send you a grant qualification form. This means that from now until Christmas you will have me as your virtual teacher assistant for $125! (The peeps behind this grant LOVE teachers as much as I do:) 

 This may seem too good to be true, but that’s the benefit of being an innovator and early adopter. You are getting on this bandwagon in the beginning, so my gift to you is keeping services affordable. We’re teachers. We’re in this profession to serve more than anything else!

Conclusion: Providing Engaging Resources for Primary Teachers is Key to Success!

In conclusion, providing primary teachers with engaging resources is the easiest way to ease stress and bring joy back to teaching. This will not only improve the quality of education, but it will also help to retain teachers who might otherwise leave the profession. It is clear that this is a win-win situation for everyone involved.


All school districts and administrators would love to pay teachers their worth, but there are major hurdles to overcome. Taking something as simple as finding lesson ideas or classroom management strategies off teachers’ plates is going to give them back so much time to do things they love. They will want to teach because they know their virtual teacher assistant (me) has their back behind the scenes.

Did you know...

 We are so passionate about helping primary teachers that we are now inviting teachers to simply write a reflection on this blog post, take a picture, and send it to us on Instagram or via email ([email protected]). 

Once you do that, then you will receive a 1-hour professional development certificate for FREE! 

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