Top 10 Teacher Summer Self Care Tips For Any Educator You’ll Love

So normally we cater our blogs to our primary teacher friends, but this one is for any educator in any school setting. We are going to be celebrating your hard work by discussing summer teacher self care ideas. You’ve earned every minute of any self care you can get this summer, so know that it’s not too late to start. Who knows, maybe you can take some ideas and build these self care tips into your teacher life too.


Each and every time we consider self care routines, gratitude will always be at the top of the list. We live in a hustle and bustle society so much so that sitting down to show gratitude often gets overlooked. You will truly be amazed when you start looking at situations with a glass half full mindset and gratitude will be the cause of that shift.

So let’s say every day either first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep at night write five things you are thankful for in your life. Try to go deeper than just your family and friends. Really focus on the abundance you have, but may not realize. It is an incredible feeling when you face the world after showing gratitude for all that has come your way.


Yes, this may sound similar to gratitude, but it’s not really. When you journal you can simply do a brain dump of everything that needs to get out of your head. We recommend actually writing with a pen and notebook because the thoughts feel more finite than just typing words. You can journal about anything at all. If life is throwing you a curveball, write it down and see what clarity comes to mind. Having trouble with your husband or one of the kids, write about. There is a release that happens once those thoughts are out of your head. You decide what to write, how long to write, and how often. It’s all about YOU!

Establish a Fitness Routine

Notice that this doesn’t say “workout” and that’s on purpose. Working out can be quite rigid which is why a lot of people stop doing it. This self care tip is simply suggesting that you establish a fitness routine. That might include walking, taking a bike ride, swimming, or yoga. Find something that you enjoy and do it.

Fitness is an important piece to the self care puzzle because our bodies were made to move. We need to have the blood flowing to not only help with circulation, but also to aid in how the brain processes information. Having a regularly scheduled routine with your fitness will help to keep you on track. Even if you only have 10-15 minutes a day, something is better than nothing.

Eat a Health(ish) Diet

Don’t panic! This one sounds hard, but it’s really not. The bottom line is you know what to eat and what not to eat so make good choices more often than not when it comes to food. If you can eat healthy 80% of the time, then it is completely okay to treat yourself 20% of the time. Just be careful not to reverse those numbers.

You know as well as anyone that when you eat healthy you feel healthy. Your energy level skyrockets which allows you to want to find time for fitness. There are so many healthy eating websites that will keep on track while eating food that tastes delicious.

Drink Water

You're a teacher so your first thought when reading that was probably along the lines of “Um, when I drink water then I have to use the restroom. How is that going to work after summer?” However, if you get in the habit of drinking water now while you’re on summer break, then when you go back to school you will more than likely be able to schedule time for your bathroom breaks. Have a signal with your partner teacher and you should be all set.

Water is one of the main fueling sources our bodies need. Not only does it help the outside appearance of our skin and hair, but there are countless benefits to what it does inside. It may take a bit of time to get on the water bandwagon if you’re not a water drinker, but set daily goals and watch yourself crush them! That in itself is a huge self care motivator.

Sit in Peace and Quiet

This may not sound like an important component to teacher self care, but it truly is even in the summer. Again, this is for you so you can decide how long or how often you do enjoy some peace and quiet. You might want to start with about 5 minutes and build up from there. The whole point is to just let your mind relax.

If you have a busy household and let’s face it who doesn’t, then this might require a bit of self discipline because it is an easy routine to skip. Try waking up just a couple minutes before your alarm. If your windows are open, then simply lay in bed and listen to the sounds of nature. Push away any other thoughts that come to mind and just enjoy this moment. What a great way to start the day. If you’re not a morning person, then try taking a few minutes around lunchtime. Hopefully you feel a peace that comes upon you.

Soak in a Tub

Soaking in a tub is highly underrated when it comes to teacher self care. Let’s face it, during the school year you’re trying so hard to keep your head above water that the last thing you have time for is to soak in a tub. However, it’s summer right now! So try to find a couple days a month where you can just let yourself soak in the tub with your favorite mood lifting music in your ears.

Yes, you might have to lock yourself in the bathroom to get this done, but even in the summer you will have those days seem like they will never end. A soak in the tub is just what you’ll need to put your mind at ease. Let your muscles relax and the weight of the world be lifted. You’ve earned this time and will be able to serve others in a much better frame of mind.

Girls’ Night

Whether it’s you and your bestie or a whole group of girlfriends, be sure to schedule a Girls’ Night this summer. There’s something about being with our friends that just rejuvenates our spirits. They listen, offer suggestions, and let you know you’re not alone. A Girls’ Night is your time to share all about your life while understanding what others in your circle are experiencing too.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy at all. You could call up your bestie and order pizza or drink some wine in your coziest of clothes while staying right in the comfort of your own home. Or it could be Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. Whatever makes you happy just be sure to schedule it so you can plan accordingly. Once you’re back to school time isn’t always on your side so do it now during these summer months.

Date Night

This is very similar to Girls’ Night in that having that night out with your significant other does something for the soul. Rekindle the romance and remember what you love so much about this person. You might even take this self care suggestion to the next level and plan a summer getaway or even a staycation if you’re on a budget. The point is that our loved ones, especially significant others, support us so much during the school year that summer is the perfect opportunity to express our appreciation.

As much as we all love when our significant other does the planning for a night out, this time you take reigns. Find something you’ll both enjoy and just be present in the moment. If you can try to do this once a month that would be great! Schedule your dates and put them on the calendar as a nonnegotiable. This might be our favorite teacher summer self care tip.

Spa Day

What would a Top 10 Teacher Summer Self Care list be without including a spa day. As soon as you walk into your spa and smell the calming scent of lavender your mind will just relax. So track down a menu and start thinking about what would make you feel good. Pedicure? Massage? Facial? Maybe you can do a whole spa package.

What’s better is that you don’t have to wait for a Saturday appointment because you’re on summer vacation. Look at the forecast and find a rainy day or check the calendar and find a special occasion and book yourself a day of pure R&R! Let the industry workers take care of you while you simply enjoy every minute of your day. You’ve earned it!


Hopefully after reading this list you have plenty more ideas of your teacher summer self care tips. Feel free to share them with us because we would love to hear about them. No matter how you choose to self care this summer, just be sure to schedule time for you. You want to be at your best when you head back to work in August, so find the time now to do all or as many teacher self care habits as you possibly can.

Here’s a recap of that list in case you missed something:


  1. Journal
  2. Establish A Fitness Routine
  3. Eat A Health(ish) Diet
  4. Drink Water
  5. Sit in Peace & Quiet
  6. Soak in the Tub
  7. Girls’ Night
  8. Date Night
  9. Spa Day


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